Longevity and Anti-aging medicine does not try to stop aging, but to make it healthier. We propose changes in living habits to live more and better.

The goal is to contribute to a healthy longevity where this new branch of medicine as preventive, predictive and regenerative offers solutions to slow down time.

The three pillars of aging are oxidative stress, inflammation, and insulin resistance, which feed back and aggravate each other. United with overweight, lack of exercise and stress, they form the metabolic syndrome that endangers our health and accelerates the biological clock.

We do not all age in the same way nor does our whole body age at the same rate. That is why we can differentiate the chronological and biological age that often do not match.

With the individualized tests each patient can determine the biological age and obtain the optimal program to improve health. The treatment will require the patient an effort and willingness to introduce into their life some healthy habits.

Today the genetic test is essential to determine the risk of contracting certain diseases because it gives us the individualized treatment for each patient. The DNA sample is obtained through saliva, it takes approximately one month and the results are updated every three months. The information it provides is essential to determine what type of medications, supplements, healthy habits and nutritional recommendations, favor each patient. It can detect even the risk of cancer and the effectiveness of chemo drugs.

In our days, environmental pollution, inadequate food, sedentary life and harmful habits such as smoking, seriously harm the DNA. These damages are transmitted from generation to generation and it is necessary to look for ways to repair DNA.


  • Managing emotions and stress.
  • Custom fiscal year.
  • Nutrition (macro and micro nutrition).
  • Hormonal balance.
  • Detoxification.

The study of each patient is based on:

  • Complete blood test
  • BCC analysis that determines the quantitative need for vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormones and detects heavy metals in the body.The sample is obtained from the hair bulb, analyzed in a specific laboratory equipped with the latest technology microscope, and it takes a week to obtain the results.
  • The DNA test to adapt the nutrition according to the genetic information. The sample is obtained through the saliva and it takes 3-4 weeks to get the results.

Dra. Jovanka Manojlovic