In our Medical Center we have at your disposal our nursing service, providing care for people of any age, families and communities, both healthy and sick.

Our intention is always to offer a friendly, close and above all as humane a treatment as possible.

Medication management

  • Nebulizer, aerosol therapy, oxygen therapy.
  • Intradermal.
  • Intramuscular.
  • Intravenous. Sueroterapia.
  • Oral.
  • Subcutaneous
  • Sublingual.
  • Via otic.
  • Rectal.
  • Via topically.
  • Ocular.

Featured Services

  • Inmunotherapy: childhood immunizations, adult immunizations.
  • Minor surgery: sutures, removal of stitches and other means of surgical suture.
  • Venous blood by puncture.
  • Collection of exudates.
  • Detecting changes in the urine ( test strip).
  • Detection of glucose by fingerstick.
  • Respiratory function status. Peak flow and spirometry.
  • State of cardiac function, performing EKG.
  • State of vascular function: pulse oximetry.
  • Care of ostomies: colostomy ,tracheotomy , urostomy.
  • Drilling: bladder, rectal, nasogatric.
  • Washed bladder.
  • Cleaning airway: suction secretions.
  • Long term treatment… bandages, splints, fasteners, taping.
  • Solving problems with freezes.
  • Collection and biological sampling: urine, feces, sputum, etc.
  • Extraction earwax, washing the air canal.
  • Resolution of epistaxis: anterior nasal packing.
  • Removing foreing bodies.
  • Channeling peripheral lines.
  • Management and treatment of wounds, abscesses, fistulas, ulcers, burns, abrasions, etc.
  • Handling bruises and hematomas.
  • Addressing varicose ulcers.
  • Basic and advanced CPR.
  • Follow-up of patients with chronic disease ( diabetes, hypertension, among others).


  • Health and safety.
  • Healthy nutritional habits.
  • Effective physical activity.
  • Healthy lifestyle habits.